Saturday, January 2, 2016

Chapman University January 9 KEYNOTE PRESENTER Ricky Powell

You may have seen Ricky in 1972 in this L'Eggo My Eggo commercial (see below) or a Bewitched episode or two.  On January 9, 2016, you can see him live and in person, and learn from his amazing life experiences at Chapman University as our Keynote Speaker!  Get there before 8 am so you won't miss a moment!

Ricky knows happiness and he will demonstrate to you how when we are happy first success follows.

During this talk, you will learn Ricky's

  • Top 3 skills for discovering happiness instantly
  • How to transform your happiness into everlasting success
  • Why it's important to stay positively focused
  • And much more......
Others are talking about Ricky.........

"Ricky Powell is the man!  A passionate and captivating entertainer and an ambassador of happiness.  He lights up the stage and engages his audience with a unique blend of wit and wisdom.  Ricky's message is both powerful and positive and he offers simple, real-world advice for living the happiest life possible.  If you have to scale a barbed wire fence to see him in action, I promise you, it'll be worth it."
                                - Jenna McCarthy, Author and TED Speaker

"I met Ricky in 2006 when I started at NBC and his positive energy and passion for life go me through some tough times at NBC."

                                 - Nicole Silveira, Program Executive 

After you attend his session, tell us what you would say about Ricky!

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