Saturday, February 20, 2016

Master the Skills of Being a Toastmasters Evaluator and You will be a Great Conversationalist Too!

         Have you ever wondered what are the value of the skills you are learning as a Toastmasters Evaluator?  As I watched the TEDx Talk of Celeste Headlee, the value of the skills learned in serving as an Evaluator in Toastmasters became apparent! Celeste is an exceptional radio host and writer.  In her TEDx talk, she shares from her experiences leading hundreds of interviews to identify "10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation." These are her ten points from the perspective of a Toastmaster.  (CH= she said it.  TM= application to TM Evaluations.) Master any one of these and you will be a great conversationalist and a great evaluator. However, note that Number 9 is the most important way to connect with people, in evaluations and in conversations. 

Let's start with number one.....
  • 1    Be present.
CH: Don’t multitask, even in your head. Be in the moment.
TM: Let the message be the speaker’s not yours.  Focus on the speakers’ message and delivery for the evaluation.