Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Featured Workshop - Professional Etiquette Basics

Knowing etiquette gives you confidence!

We can greatly benefit by re-examining traditional "good manners" as they apply to our contemporary lives, in Toastmasters, and even our work world.  Who you are shows how you behave in private as well as in public, and how you appear to others.  How you look, talk, walk, sit, stand, eat and express your feelings will speak volumes about who you really are.

Soft skills are extremely important and gives you the competitive edge in all areas of your life.

The Toastmasters mission is to empower individuals to be more effective communicators and leaders.  Add professional and proper Etiquette and you thrive!

Nancy Hoogenboom is the Founder and President of Daily Etiquette. Nancy brings practical solutions for everyday living and helps clients to feel more confident in business and social settings.  She brings experience as an Etiquette advisor working with individuals and teams to develop soft skills to gain that competitive edge.  

Nancy is a new LACE presenter, so be sure to fill out the Evaluation Form to share your thoughts about her presentation.  On January 9 at Chapman University, her session starts at 9:10 am, right after the Keynote!