Friday, July 1, 2016

What is LACE?

Leadership And Communication Experience (LACE) started in Founders District as an enhancement to the district officer training.  While serving as Founder's District LGET, Lou Ann Frederick, DTM, approached District Governor Gladys Flint, DTM, and offered her idea for an event that would give members leadership and communication enhancement workshops in addition to quality officer training.  The driving inspiration was to offer education in an informal environment at a low cost to the members.  The first LACE event was hosted in 1993 at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California.
LACE is more than just officer training!  LACE includes sessions by professional speakers from Founders District on Leadership, General Club Business, and Communication and Speaking Skills.  In June 2015, Founders District added a Keynote presenter at the beginning of each LACE Event, and a Youth Track for youth ages 12-20.  LACE has grown to more than 900 attendees between the North and South LACE Events.

LACE exploits the outstanding talents among our own Toastmasters to train new officers in their respective roles, to inspire higher speaking proficiency, and to enhance the leadership professional development.  The sessions most highly attended are with presenters who engage the audience so that the knowledge of the experienced officers is included in the learning experience.

LACE has two events each January and each June, providing locality to the south side of the District for one event, and to the north side for the second Event.  Chapman University in Orange, California is a frequent location for the South Event.  As LACE grows each event, the need for larger facilities require new locations.

Attending LACE is beneficial for members and officers.

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